Order your refills online and choose to pick them up at Avenue Chemists or have it delivered. Simply enter the Rx number from your prescription label - it's that easy. 

Customized prescription compounding offers the doctor flexibility to select the best medication and prescribe the most appropriate strength and dosage form for administration via the most desirable route for a particular patient. We want to help you to provide the best care that is possible for every patient.

Appropriate Dosage Form

We can compound the needed medication in a variety of dosage forms such as:
Transdermal or topical creams, lotions, gels and solutions. 
Oral troches, capsules, and suspensions 
Vaginal creams, capsules, and suppositories 
Rectal suppositories

Best Strength 

We can compound tablets into solutions or suspensions for children so that parents will have more precise doing instead of cutting tablets in halves and quarters.

Flavored To Please

 Who said medication has to taste bad? At Avenue Chemists, we flavor medications to make them more patient friendly and improve compliance. 
A V E N U E  C H E M I S T S 
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